Nicole Branamen

Sweet yet secretive psychic


Race: Human
OCC: Mind Melter
Level: 4
Alignment: Scrupulous

Height: 5’ 3"
Weight: 110 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Age: 17

Notable Attributes:
- ME
- PB: 13

Notable Skills:
- Animal Husbandry
- Gardening
- Pilot: Hovercraft
- Prowl
- Cooking
- Housekeeping

Notable Abilities:
- Psychic Sensitive Abilities
- Psionic Invisibility
- Psi Sword


Nicole aka Nikki and her sister Kitty are from a small farming community. Her parents were slain by CS soldiers. They fled the violence and the horrors of the Sorcerer’s Revenge. They lived anyway they could. Their tale is a harrowing one.

Nikki’s abilities helped them avoid some trouble and Kitty’s spunk dealt with the trouble they could not avoid.

She is highly sensitive and tends to prefer the peace and quiet of a small farm to the hustle and bustle of an adventurer. That being said, she seems to have some skill with a laser pistol and an inherent sense of good to her. Nikki’s psychic abilities are potentially powerful but she keeps them secret.

They were discovered by members of Philer’s Point and brought there. Nicole has been helping out with cooking, cleaning, and farm work.

Recently, Ajax has recruited her to help their group tracking down Edgar Casey. Though Kitty is tough and protective of Nikki, there seems to be some hidden iron in Nikki too…

Of late, she has expressed an interest of her own in Adam Churchill. She has been practicing with her new cutlass and her pistol to get better with them. Nikki purchases, at the insistence of her friends, a brand new suit of black Bushman armor. She would like to have it modified but is uncertain as to how to go about that.

Nicole Branamen

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