Kayla Foster

Friendly, lovely mercenary pilot with some eclectic rides...


Alias/Callsign: Raider
Race: Human
OCC: Power Armor Pilot
Level: 3+
Alignment: Selfish??

Height: 5’ 8"
Weight: 145 lbs
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Gray-Blue
Age: early-mid 20’s
- Beautiful, athletic build woman with her neck-length hair often braided into a single braid. She is normally seen in her armor but sometimes she dresses “down” to impress others.

Notable Attributes:
- MA
- PP
- PB: 17

Notable Skills:
- Pilot: Robots & Power Armor
- Pilot: Combat Helicopters
- Pilot: Jet Fighters
- Acrobatics
- Computer Operations


Kayla hails from the area known as Northern Gun. She comes from a long-line of mercenaries. She even has cousins who actually work for Northern Gun too. That’s how she got her brand-new Samson Mk III power armor.

She and her brother, Douglas, set out for Tolkeen just as the siege was reaching its climax. They wanted to make a name from themselves and get rich in the process. They never made it that far…

Douglas was killed and Kayla was left to fend for herself. She was largely inexperienced and had to work for folks to survive. She managed to make it though. She even made a few friends along the way. She also got lucky and found herself a helicopter to fly around in. She managed to “recover” a GAW-58 Warrior helicopter from some less-than honorable mercs while they were sleeping.oh58-020crs.jpg

Currently she lives by taking on small recon jobs. She recently helped scout a migration route for some Tolkeen refugees and saw them to safety to New Frisco. She had recently left to seek some employment with the Comanche as a freelancer.

Kayla Foster

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