Hector Winthorp

Secret Cyberknight in Bounty Hunter Clothing


Real Name: Hector “Ironeye” Winthorp
Alias: Ajax
Apparent OCC: Bounty Hunter
Real OCC: Cyberknight
Level: 6
Alignment: Selfish??

Height: 6’ 2"
Weight: 240 lbs
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Grey
Age: mid-30’s

Attributes of Note:
- PS
- PE
- MA
- PB: 13

Skills of Note:
- Pilot: Automobile
- Paramedic
- Tracking
- Horsemanship


Hector Winthrop is a greying but vigorous middle aged man who’s tall and broad frame is not easily concealed beneath his broad brimmed cowboy hat and stained duster. Known by many as “Ironeye,” he is a cyberknight of some renown, particularly in his understanding of the ways of magic and creatures thereof. He is most famous for both his strong support for Tolkeen during its long war with the Coalition States, as well as ultimately turning on the Kingdom during the Sorcerer’s Revenge. Among the most wanted men on both sides of the conflict, he was widely thought to be one of the many unidentified dead.

Once ranked as a master tactician, equestrian, warrior, and leader Hector emerged from the ashes of Tolkeen as a shadow of his former self. He haunted the corpse of the kingdom under a new name, “Ajax,” gaining a notoriety as an adept bounty hunter, specializing in finding missing people and items as well as taking down the worst kind of scum.

After some time of this life, “Ajax” convinced a powerful group of men-at-arms and adventurers to form a posse to track down and take out the most wanted man in the remains of Tolkeen, a shifter by the name of Edgar Casey, and an old enemy of Hector’s. The adventure of pursuing Casey across that land led the posse to become friends and prompted a change in him. Consequent adventures have seen him become something of the team’s tactician, drawing upon knowledge of creatures, D-bees, aliens, magic, and military tactics as well as sensitive psychic abilities to help in battle or avoid it entirely.

Initially riven with conflict over his deceptions and the demons of the past, he has come to accept that fate still has a purpose for an aging warrior and begun a long journey back to the light. Most recently he has shed the mantle of “Ajax” and re-assumed up his true identity, though by his own admission it is likely to only bring greater dangers than they have already faced both from those that hunt him for money and more sinister forces that plot even greater evils than were visited upon Tolkeen.

Hector Winthorp

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