The Long Road to Tomorrow

The Time at Philer's Point

Day 8 (Session 8)

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Those of y’all who are accustomed to travelin’ the wilds know what I mean when I say returnin’ to civilization can be a bit of a shock. Fer bein’ in the middle o’ nowhere, Philer’s Point had some fine points o’ civilization about it. Hot water on tap, shitters that work, readin’ rooms, clinics, and the like. So forgivin’ much, some folks just decided to soak that in for a while. Tumbleweed got himself wrapped up in helpin’ around the place; being rather handy makes a lot of friends real quick. Iggy done got a job as Philer’s Point’s operator in residence. Naira settled down for whatever them injuns do when they’re not sleepin’. Devon ate. Jeremiah got himself a well deserved nap.

Some folks though, well, don’t know how to take a chill. Take Adam. Ain’t long before he spills his name out ‘fore people can’t tell him from his crazy famous gramps (Did I mention he was Oscar Churchill’s grandson?). Bad enough bein’ a glitterboy pilot when people don’t think ya held off a demon army or such. Soon ya got tourists checkin’ our yer ride, farm girls sizin’ you up like livestock, and noble ladies makin’ marriage proposals in yer direction. Don’t let anyone tell ya that bein’ famous ain’t a pain in the arse.

Ajax though were a bit different busy. After they done figured out that Casey actually had been nearby, and done some nasty business in a village on a leyline, he realized they was short somethin’ serious when it came to them spirits, poltergeits and other nasties that were likely t’ stir up. And while it weren’t really clear what he did to done convince her, Lady Eriko agreed t’ allow another one of them farm-girls who done have some useful sensitive skills to join the posse in exchange fer some missiles they done salvaged from that ol robot. An’ that’s how Nicole Branamen came along.

So, after Tumbleweed done helped Iggy with some repairs on the ol Glitterboy it were time t’ saddle up once again, and go and fetch those things they done left behind.

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