Isolation. Hunger. Cold. The corpse of Tolkeen has lain exposed to the winds and snow. Success fades into the frozen landscape and old aches, long forgotten, flare and throb.

But now, the cold Tolkeen winter has cracked and, like the spring deluge, new problems emerge to bury these festering thoughts under their tide. The slumbering behemoth of the Coalition States awakens, fresh from its conquest of the magical kingdom, eying new territories to the west. The Xiticix press from the north and east, threatening to consume what remains of kingdom into its all consuming swarm. Havens once thought safe now seem like cages, trapping people who cannot escape the coming doom.

Life, however, persists like a delicate flower in the wet, cold, and mud. Will it be crushed underfoot, or frozen by a sudden snap? Or will it live to see another season yet?

The Long Road to Tomorrow

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