Rumors and other random tidbits are found here.

-A substantial amount of chromium scrap can be found in downtown Tolkeen for anyone bold enough to claim it. The remains of two glitterboys who were defending the city can be found there with the remains of their armor scattered nearby.

-The party’s adventures thus far have left a substantial amount of potentially useful salvage in its wake for someone with sufficient skill and time to repair or claim. A running list includes:
MDC grade Armored Personnel Carrier, only damage is a shredded left tread (Slaver Encounter)
MDC grade large hover vehicle, severely damaged but a good source of MDC armor plating (CS Spec Ops encounter)
UAR Enforcer Robot & Skelebots, severely damaged and irradiated, but a good source of spare robot parts and MDC materials (UAR Enforcer Encounter, aka all the missiles)

-A group of what Samson swears were Cyberknights were seen north of Philer’s Point. They were headed to the North East in the direction of the Deluth Hive. Samson was very unnerved by their presence, and the weapons they were carrying had the appearance of Rune Weapons or other more sinister magic.

-Mystical events and disasters have been affecting the normally stable mid-west with alarming severity and frequency. This ranges from the strange (landscape shifts) to the deadly (necrotic energies zombifying towns). Virgil hypothesized that the energies unleashed in the Sorcerer’s Revenge have caused Ley Lines to shift, but no one really seems to understand what is causing these happenings and why.


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