Clear Skies

Geographic Absolute Location: 39.897306, -98.037953

General Description:
Located in part of Comanche territory, Clear Skies is a colorful little town which sits along the old Lovewell Reservoir in northern Kansas. The area surrounding the lake has several small, prosperous farms and ranches. The town itself is rich with history and full of vibrant folks. The town itself is built on the grounds of the old Cedar Point Recreation Area.

Total Population: 1,219 (town residents)
Humans: 95%
Civilized Psi Stalkers: 4%
Other D-Bee’s: 1%

General History:
Clear Skies was established by three families who settled here almost 130 years ago. The Lowey, Vallman, and Burger families all arrived here together seeking a place where they might establish a small freehold of their own to farm in peace. As they settled here they began to reach out to other areas for trade. Soon more people moved here and a small town was built.

The name Clear Skies came from the fact that the three families had been traveling through a period of intense rainy weather which had lasted for weeks. When they arrived at the point of land the town is built on in the middle of the night is was still raining like crazy. The next morning they awoke to have no clouds in the sky. It was a brilliant blue. Thus, Clear Skies.

The town went through a rough patch as people were feuding over land and other resources. Two things happened to stabilize the area: First, there was the arrival of Avery Churchill, famed Glitter Boy pilot and self-appointed lawman. Second, Clear Skies officially joined the Comanche Protectorate.

Avery Churchill is the great, great grandfather of Adam Churchill. He came into the area with his family in tow about 110 years ago. He was in his late 40’s at the time. He brought his wife and son with the son’s family as well. He was shot at as he came in by members of the Vallman clan as they feared the power of a Glitter Boy. They should have as Avery leveled their home and declared himself to be Marshal of the town. The Marshal at that time was a drunk named, Bob Burger. Avery bought some land along the lake and established himself his own homestead he simply called Sky Bend. This has been the home of the Churchill clan ever since.

The Churchill’s tended not to live long lives as they were dedicated to the defense of the free folk of the area and their propensity to go on adventures whenever things got slow. Perhaps the most famous (infamous) Churchill is Oscar (Adam’s grandfather). He was widely known to be an instrument of justice and fought numerous wars all over the New West, the southwest, and throughout the south and east of the continent. This makes him the most widely traveled of the famed lineage of Glitter Boy pilots.

Forty years ago there was a period of peaceful annexation into the Comanche Protectorate. They offered the area a measure of protection and promised them a large amount of autonomy. All they asked for in return was allegiance in times of trouble and some taxes. This has been a good relationship overall. The Comanche have done a good job of keeping trouble at bay from the town. They have also long held a strong alliance with the Churchills.

Stability, good farmland, good access to clean water, adapted hydroelectric power, and smart governance have all allowed the town to grow and prosper. This is not say that there are not knuckleheads being knuckleheads…

Town Government:
Mayor: The Honorable Sarah August
- Ms. August is a single human woman in her mid-40’s. She is cool, confident, and personable. She began life in this town as a teacher in the Clear Skies School. She ran for mayor when the previous mayor decided to retire. She seems reasonable and has few illusions of grandeur floating around in her head. She is handsome woman who never married. Rumors abound as to who her lovers have been.

Sheriff (Marshal): James Gates
- Marshal Gates was born in Clear Skies and grew up here. He is a human man fast approaching 60. He is a friendly enough man and holds the respect of the community. He can be somewhat intimidating at time. He has even managed to intimidate ol’ Oscar Churchill a time or two. He has been the head lawman in the town over 30 years.

Comanche Tribal Representative: Luther Littleox
- Mr. Littleox has been this town’s main bureaucratic connection to the Comanche territory for over 20 years. He is a large man in both height and girth. Everyone knows him around town and he is always willing to lend a hand to those who need it. He also loves himself a free meal…

Town Council:
- The Clear Skies Town Council is made up of 6 members. The three founding families each have a permanent seat on the council. The mayor holds the presiding seat. Two members are elected from the community. Littleox acts as a tie-breaker whenever necessary. They meet whenever needed or at least once a month.

Self Defense Force:
- Established following the events of “”/wikis/leads-to-new-mutiny" class=“wiki-page-link”> Leads to New Mutiny" by Owen Churchill, brother of Adam, this ragtag bunch of farmers and laborers actually has a few real warriors in its ranks. Time will tell if it can live up to its name, but this militia may be the best hope Clear Skies has of defending itself in a brave and dangerous new world.

Places of Interest:
- Sky Bend: Located along the northern shore of the lake about two miles from town, this compound has a great view of the lake. It is a walled compound with reinforced concrete walls and a set of concrete buildings. The main house is partially built into the hillside. Connected to it is the famous “Churchill House” which is really the bunker where the Glitter Boy armor is stored. There is also a small barn and three other out-buildings built in the compound. A small dock is built jutting out in to the lake with a small motorboat.

- Town Hall: One of the oldest and grandest buildings in the town. It was a labor of love for the old carpenter Henry Vallman. He built this thing as the town was growing. He always claimed that it would be the grandest structure in this part of the world. He did a large amount of wood carving on the inside as decoration. It is rumored to have all kinds of secret passages and hidey-holes. Henry seemed to have an idea that the town would grow to large proportions in the future and wanted the center of town government to be a grand thing.

- The Church of the Grand Incarnation: Founded by some of the second wave of settlers to the area, this simple wooden structure has burned twice and been destroyed by a tornado once. Still, the people of the town builds this religious center back. It is considered to be an important part of the community. It is a Christian church with heavy influences from the Anglicans and the Lutherans. The current pastor is: Daniel Burger, a stern fellow with a decided lack of humor to him.

- The Vallman Mill: This sawmill is located on the northern end of the town and is a source of employment for several of the townsfolk. This is the main means that the Vallman clan maintains its wealth. The current patriarch of the Vallman clan is: Ben Vallman.

- The Bass-Hole: This colorful bar is a source of amusement of the locals. It is a fishing-themed establishment with a variety of stuffed bass and trout along the walls. It serves great beer and fried fish. Many a brawl has started here. The marshal and his deputies have had to arrive here more than a few times to pacify some folks. Owner: Manfred “Manny” Krauss.

- Precision Mechanical: This is area’s one and only Operator shop. Oscar Churchill brought Willhelm Kurst in from one of his journeys. Kurst is from somewhere along the East Coast. He is a masterful mechanic. Oscar and he had a “love-hate” relationship. Kurst married a local woman and has had a family. Recently, Willhelm’s youngest daughter Tori acquired a SAMAS and is learning to operate it.

- The Stonefield Quarry: Owned and operated to the south of town across the lake about six miles from town is the old Stonefield Quarry. Here quality marble can be found. The Burger clan owns this business and maintains its current homestead nearby. Hayden Burger is the current patriarch of this family.

- The Lowey General Store: This is the main means of commerce in the area. The Lowey family maintains this store as it has for generations. It sells a little bit of everything: Food, weapons, clothing, tools, and other items can all be found here. Aldridge Lowey runs his businesses for the family like a well-oiled machine. There is also a Lowery Hardware and a Lowey Livery Stable.

- The Fandango: This is an old-style theatre and dance hall. It is known to show plays, films, and host dances. It is widely considered to be a source of high entertainment here in town. Owner: Selena White, Civilized Psi Stalker.

- Clear Skies School: This school is free to the citizens of the town and runs all the way up to the 7th grade. The town is very proud of this school and it is a cherished part of the town’s history. Their mascot, the Eagle, can be seen all around the town. Headmaster: Bernard Churchill (Adam’s first cousin).

- The Knight’s Arms Hotel: This enterprising establishment has 23 rooms to rent out, each with their own bathroom. Three of the rooms are suites for VIP’s and high-rollers. The owner is the elderly Jerry Vallman. The concierge Dudley Singinghawk seems to be able to come up with just about anything a guest requires.

- The Wandering Star Saloon: This the premier casino and drinking establishment in town. It is located down the street from Town Hall and across the street from The Knight’s Arms. All manner of gaming and other sport can be had here. While prostitution is technically illegal in town, gentlemen can find such sport here as well. Owner: Casey Wong, a well-dressed man with crisp manners.

- Hogarth’s Sanitarium: Dr. Jasper Dean Hogarth runs a small hospital, of sorts, here in town. He specializes in being the most mild-mannered, even tempered person in the town. He is also the only doctor in town. His little hospital has 12 beds and a surgical theater. He employs his wife and two daughters as nurses. He knows most folks in town inside and out. As the town grows, so does his workload.

- Mikkelsen’s Grist Mill: This is actually located to the southeast of town along the river and grids all of the area’s grains. Owner: Conrad Mikkelsen, a God-fearin’ man with a crop of mischievous kids.

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Clear Skies

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