The Long Road to Tomorrow

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The Stage is Set...

General Information
The game is to begin in a small town that was built up from a Tolkeen army staging base near the border between the Wildwoods and Riverine baronies. When it was a staging base it was known as Fort Defiance but now it is simply called Harold’s Port.

Harold’s Port is built along the mighty Missouri River. It has many building that were left up after the Tolkeen army abandoned it roughly 4 months ago. It has become the home to many refugees, mercenaries, criminals, and people just trying to flee the slaughter in and around Tolkeen.

Sure, the CS is working their way this direction but folks are trying to make it work here. The CS’ high mobility units have not seen fit to focus on this little town, yet.

Facts and Figures
Total “Permanent” Population: 410
Humans: 280
Assorted D-Bees: 130

Transient Population: 1,000-1,500
Each transient must pay a fee 250 credits to enter the town. If they seek to settle here, they pay an Application Fee of 2,500 credits. Visitors are issued a pass for their money. Residents are issued an ID.

Places of Interest
- The Docks: This set of small docks and warehouses were once used by the Tolkeen army. Now they are controlled by the Governor’s thugs. Some transients seek to live there but are quickly rooted out.
- The Governor’s Palace: This is really just a bunker used by the Governor and outfitted with the best booty he can come up with.
- Soupville: This is the part of town that the Transients are supposed to stay in. It is a tent city that is routinely patrolled by thugs. Crime runs rampant here. It is named for the soup kitchens which serve the camp. At least the entrance fee pays for some services…
- The Duchess: This casino is ran by Darren Mann, civilized Psi Stalker and gambler. It is a good, clean place to spend some of your credits.
- Maggie’s: This is a brothel. It is fairly new, even for this place. Maggie Shin organized many of the “working girls” and got them under one roof about two weeks ago. Since then business has been great.
- Rockie’s Emporium : General Store that sells a little bit of everything and even takes things in trade. Ran by the upstanding A’taur Grinsorr, a D’norr Devilman.
- The Host House: This is an honest to goodness hotel that was set up in some old barracks. The service is great for those of means. It is ran by Julian Marquez.
- The Wet Whistle: This is a typical saloon, bar, and gambling pit. It is the only permanent place in town to get a drink. It is owned and operated by Wyatt Hotchkiss.

Persons of Interest
- Governor Harold Goodson: This gentlemen is considered a hero in these parts because of his heroics in defending Tolkeen as a mercenary. He is a Glittler Boy pilot and still has the suit in the Palace. He decided to take this abandoned camp and turn it into a little town. Fear of his Glitter Boy and his “sheriff” keep most people in line.
- Torexx Stann: Vanguard Brawler, former mercenary-now Sheriff. This charming fellow once ran with the governor. He is known for his brutality and short temper. He runs the Department of Public Safety.
- Sinn’diri Grinori: D’norr Devilman and Town Administrator. She is responsible for collecting fees, taxes, and issuing permits/ID’s.

Where are You??
- The PC’s will find themselves in the Wet Whistle at the beginning of the game. (Yes, I know… meeting in the tavern, how boring… just wait and see.) You will fin some individual information about your characters below.

A little trouble down at the Wet Whistle
Day 1 (Session 1)

Wet_Whistle.jpgGather ‘round folks and let me spin you a yarn. I recon by now all y’all heard of the fall of the once great Kingdom o’ Tolkeen. This tale be around not far after that, and it be a wandering thing, full of adventure, heroism, villan-ry and such, so I know y’alls gonna like it.

Now, this tale starts in a little town by the name of Harold’s Port, which in case you are wondering got it’s name mostly from the strongman protecting it and the fact it was on a river less than it was an actual port of call. It was like any other number of towns that sprung up in the wake of the ol’ Coalition States army in that Kingdom – more tent than actual building. Full of scum and villan-ry this one was, held in line more by the governor and his hand picked thugs than by any particular laws. Not a place for civilized folks – but there weren’t really none of those in Tolkeen then anyway.

As y’all might imagine, one of the few actual buildings in town were taken in to be a sort of waterin’ hole or saloon. Her owner at the time, a fat snake with but four locks of his own hair by the name o’ Wyatt Hotchkiss, called her the Wet Whistle. It was in that particular establishment that our heroes, if that be a good name for ’em, found themselves together.

The first o’ these was a grey haired, golden eyed, wolf-lookin’ dog boy by the name Tumbleweed, who spent most of his days then plying his trade o’ entertaining folks around in various taverns, saloons, bars, and other like places. He weren’t real respectable like, havin’ been in more than a few scrapes) so more often than not he ended up more in places like the Wet Whistle. And so it were there that he found himself tryin’ to put some grease on the coins of a couple of saloon bums without success.

Then there were Ajax, big monster of a man who made his living as a bounty hunter in those parts. Gruffer and rougher than asphalt and lookin’ for all the world like you could sand a rail tie with his jaw, he was more there on business than on pleasure. See, there weren’t no proper law in Tolkeen after the fall, and so anyone with the credit could put out a reward on anyone they done think wronged ‘em. The Wet Whistle was just the sort of place a guilty sum-bitch would be drinkin’ if y’all get my drift.

Lastly, we got our injun – one Jeremiah Whiteclaw. Now afore you go hootin’ and hollerin’ ya’ll mind that Jerimiah were a Juicer and he’d wipe a smirk off a grackletooth quicker than a deadeye. Now, you’d be correct in assumin’ that a feller of that stripe would be much in demand at that time, and so you’d find certain hangers on them. Our Juicer were no exception to that, though he were exceptin’ most other assumtions about Juicers, and so he had with him an Orc named Devon Criksogg. They both were mostly there in the Wet Whistle for pleasure, as they was the sort who normally gained pleasure in a saloon of that type.

So round about the time Tumbleweed done broke his guitar string who should walk in but just shy of a dozen Orcs who fancied themselves bounty hunters themselves. Havin’ done bagged themself some poor Dead Boy they fancied for an officer, and feelin’ all high and mighty, they were a might bit reluctant to disarm themselves – which even a place like the Wet Whistle knew was a good rule to have if you’re servin’ hooch. Now, you know that feelin’ right before a big ol’ storm rolled in? Well, that was how it was right about the time one of them pulled out a laser pistol, so afore you could say “Juicer Bait” that there bar done become a brawl.

So, there were some patrons helpin’ and all, but since it done turned out that almost dozen were a good dozen indeed t’was a good thing for them that Jeremiah, Ajax, and Tumbleweed decided to help them out. Now, I’m sure the reason were more altruistic for some than others, but afore what passed for a sheriff in Harold’s Port passed the whole way through the door, the whole original ten that done went in to get sloshed were waxing the floor with their tusks, and t’other two didn’t last two much longer, what with there being a Juicer and all.

Now, you may recall that those Orcs were bankin’ on there being a hefty bounty payment, and so being as they was the sort of fellas who would take advantage of dumb luck, Ajax and Tumbleweed done checked on the now abandoned captive. As it turned out, t’was only a lonely Non-com, a Corporal Megan Addison by name, who had the singular misfortune of being captured by those Orcs. Would have been more misfortunate too, but for Jeremiah havin’ a soft spot for women in distress – as he did pony up to buy off her bounty and have that Ajax fix her up too.

Now, that might have been the end of it, but for a bit of banter overheard at the Wet Whistle after Jeremiah and Devon left. Some local toughs got in in their mind to jack ol’ Jeremiah and claim the bounty on Corporal Addison, and Ajax and Tumbleweed done overheard. One thing led to another, and they decided to go and see if that Juicer needed a hand, or at least a warning.

But I ain’t tellin’ that part afore I satisfy my parched throat. Someone get me a drink.

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Looking for a Showdown
Day 1-3 (Session 2)

{Back to the Previous Entry: A little trouble down at the Wet Whistle}

Now, as I was sayin’, Tumbleweed and Ajax done went down to hotel were Jeremiah was staying to warn him about his problem: namely that some toughs were going to be arrivin’ to blow him up and take a certain Coalition Officer to the bounty office for some cash. Now I weren’t saying they done walked up and got his back, and there may have been a bit o’singing over the hotel telephone, but Jeremiah clearly didn’t think he needed any help. That’s juicers for ya. That said, those two stuck around to see what was what. And a good thing too as you’ll find out.

But afore I get into that, ‘round about time Jeremiah hung up the phone and took a seat with his rifle by the window, who should wake up but Megan Addison, the poor Corporal whose habit of being taken for a Captain caused this whole shebang. As you can imagine, she was none to pleased to wake up half naked and handcuffed in a strange bed with no with weapons! Needless to say, she wasn’t too much happier with Jeremiah for saving her from being executed, but having nothing else better to do she told him about how she got herself captured: Abandoned by a Private who was supposed to be acting as her watch-guard while she did EOD disposal.
Right then was the time that a whole posse dun show up at Jeremiah’s doorstep, armed to the teeth and with one o’ them bladefisted D-Bees ta boot. Even a buttertroll could tell you that even were a bit much for a Juicer. Jeremiah did give ‘em a warning shot though anyway, right before the whole group did unload into the side of the hotel. Fortunately for Jeremiah it were a bit better built that most in those parts. Ajax and Tumbleweed done their part too, and what with Tumbleweed shootin’ and Ajax smashin’ that D-Bee with a Neural Mace and Jeremiah uppin’ the headcount it were about to be a real big deal.

But right about the time some jackass with a plasma ejector done vaporized another building trying to hit him so Dog Boy, who done roll up on that firefight but a Glitter Boy. You might of thought I was all done bringing heroes into this story, but let me tell you I ain’t even started. I dun reckon that those thugs though he was the Governor of Harold’s Port out for a stroll (and Tumbleweed doin’ his best impression of the law didn’t discourage ’em none), but they done dropped their weapons and ran before you could say Boom Gun. Smart thing too because out that armor popped the real thing, a Glitterboy pilot.

Now some o’ you might have heard o’ Adam Churchill, but if you haven’t just know he weren’t one of them types just wearing some ol’ armor. Adam was a real Glitterboy like out of the old stories, a regular ol’ hero righting wrongs, killing evil, and bein’ a force for justice. He might have just been there to take a load off, but that didn’t stop him from putting what’s right.

Seein’ as you don’t just run into a Glitterboy everyday, Ajax was quick to offer that man a drink for makin’ an easy time of those thugs – and the rest of the group, Megan too for luck but not Devon – decided it sounded like a pretty good idea. So sure enough, they were back at the Wet Whistle an hour later whiskeys and burgers in hand, before Ajax done shown that drinkin’ idea weren’t just about makin’ nice.

As it done turn out, Ajax had his eye on the most wanted man in those lands, a Shifter o’ the name Edgar Casey. Ol’ Edgar was wanted by the CS, but it weren’t ‘cause he was a nice guy. No, Edgar done be the sort of Shifter that gave that sort a reputation, you know, the one where they done been summoin’ demons and other such. Well, ya may not have heard o’ the “Sorcerers Revenge” but there were a lot of nasty hoodoo done been summoned for the war and that were Edgar done got his name on the ol’ bounty board. Ajax weren’t stupid, he know it were rare that folks o’ the calibur necessary to take out that sort of bad would be together in the same place, so he put to those sittin’ at the table that with the size of the bounty and potential other prizes, it would be to the benefit o’ all involved to form a posse and bag the biggest game possible.

There were only two problems. For one, certain posse members would not pass muster with the CS: Juicers, DeeBees, and Feral Dog Boys don’t exactly get a warm welcome in those parts. For another, a key member, that being once Corporal Addison was both prone to gettin’ herself whacked by the friendlier parts o’ Tolkeen and missin’ what half her equipment done not be in possession o’ Ajax and Tumbleweed. There be a lot more to that discussion, but truth be told it done boiled down to pretty much Megan gettin’ back the latter ta help out with the former.

So they done took the next day to settle up some odds-and-ends, takin’ care of supplies, gettin’ Megan’s armor lookin like so it wouldn’t get her dead, and so forth. Once that were done they started them engines, saddled up, and rode off at dawn, lookin’ for a showdown with the worst of Tolkeen.

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Devil at the Crossroads
Day 3 (Session 3)

{Back to the Previous Entry: Looking for a Showdown}

Rollin’ out at dawn might seem out o place for a bunch of heroes (if that’s what we’re callin’ these folks), but rollin’ is slow business when the roads don’t go flat and are all covered with mines and snipers and the like. Ol’ Tumbleweed was out sniffin’ for the horsecart that done bring Megan Addison to Harold’s Port at every crossroads too. It weren’t that far prairie time to Tolkeen, where Megan started out, but more than half the day had gone one before they got into the perimeter of the Coalition Patrol.

hanging_tree.jpgYup, round about the the time they done got wind of a Coalition Patrol, there was some trouble at a particular crossroads for Tumbleweed’s sniffer. See, that particular crossroads was a regular Gehenna – bodies strung from every tree branch like a fruit tree not been picked, and stacked like firewood on the other side. Oh it was nasty business, as Jeremiah found out. He were pokin’ round while Tumbleweed was a sniffin’ and keepin’ half an eye out for some incomming CS Hover Cycles when that there pile o’ bodies started to move! Bein’ a good sort and thinkin’ that he found a survivor he set to warn them to lay low – but that was afore it done reached out and grabbed his leg! T’were the livin’ dead!

Now, a zombie ain’t no match for a Juicer, and it were deader than undead right quick, but everyone were a little bit jumpier when them hover cycles came in for a landing. For better or not, everyone kept their cool. Turned out them was CS Special Forces types on to some mission t’kill some Broadkill and had no time for a band of mostly human lookin’ folk. They done left in a hurry when no one started shootin’ and with a warnin’: The Coalition was going to start clensin’ that area in the next 12-48 hours.

Nothin’ like the fumes of hovercycles makin’ you want to pick up the scent and get out o’ Dodge!

An’ that’s what they did, drivin’ on, ever closer to Tolkeen. It were gettin’ late in the day when they got to a river. Was a bridge there afore the war, but must have been blown halfway to Lone Star by that time. So, as they done get ready t’ ford that water, who done show up but some wee fairies wantin’ to play. I recon they was just two tinkers short of a bell, playing the fool with a Juicer, but maybe good for them Ajax knew a thing or three about them little folk. They seemed a little happier after him bein’ all polite cause they told him about some bad juju in the ruins across their river and let ’em cross without much further trouble.

Ya might think it foolish if some little flying sprite done told you there was a horrible undead stitched monster and you done went to go and kill it, and maybe it were. But when Ajax done told that tale, Adam, Devon, Tumbleweed, and Jeremiah were equally of the mind to go an’ put that beast down. There’s a bit of a rhyme about it in those parts. I suspect Tumbleweed might have done played a role in that.

So down that broke road they went
To house o’ Slaughter old
Through gates rusted and bent
Walked those five men, so bold
Beware that walk where cattle tread!
The bones that crash! The cloud that roars!
Here’s where the last poor sod is dead
that dared wander here before.

Past deadly trap or two, they went
into that wicked den
Two saw that beast rise, their bravery spent
It were not for mortal ken.
A beast stitched from flesh it was
still weeping from every sore
On it’s putrid chest, foul flies buzzed
feasting on its gore.

Eight arms from its frame reached and pried
From beast and elf and man
Its mouth held teeth that gnashed and cried
In many different lands.

Those men they struck it down!
Whose slickened blades went snicker-snatch!
The beast fell to the ground
In their guns met its match.

Phew! That were a mouthful. In any case, they went in to that ruin and found themselves a Necromancers playground, full all sorts of nasties. Not the least of which were stitched sort of horror made of some poor saps corpses! It were tougher than a zombie that was for sure, but those five were capable sorts and put it down.

Come to think of it, they blew the whole ruin to smitherines. Probably for the best. Who knows what else was in there? Maybe that’s why they didn’t stick around either, nightfall was comin’ on and it weren’t the place you wanted to be near after dark.

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Fields of Slaughter
Day 4-5 (Session 4)

{Back to Previous Entry: Devil at the Crossroads}

I hear some y’all snickerin’ in the back about how the ol’ man be making stuff up about necro-watsit horrors and fairies but that ain’t nothin’. Nope, no sir.
Anyway, them stayed the night at an ol’ house with a clean cistern about an hour drive away until Tumbleweed’s sniffer got ahold o’ the telltale scent o’ ass and orc in the mornin’ before headin’ out once again on the hunt. Were a good most of a day winding through the countryside ’fore the real deal went down.

T’was about mid afternoon I recon. Would have been a scorcher too if it weren’t the clouds the color of slate. Yokels in the back might not know what radar is, but we know that it ain’t exactly a good sign when ya get pinged with it in a warzone.

Dead_Skelebot.jpgAdam’s Glitterboy done lit up like a sun when it happened, and out o’ a tree line comes not just some skelebots (though there was some, eight in fact), but a damn giant skull robot – an Enforcer! Anybody else would’ve just done shit their britches, but not this bunch. Adam done unslung that boomgun and started firin’, Jeremiah done broke out that damn laser rifle and shot down a frackin’ missle, Devon hauled off with Ajax’s grenade launcher, and next thing y’know it was a regular field of slaughter down there. Ajax, Tumbleweed, and Megan started pumpin’ off shots of their own; suddenly the CS is down a couple million credits in equipment and there be an irradiate crater where that robot once stood.

Now, our posse got more than just a couple of missiles of salvage out o’ that Enforcer. They also got a whole heap of damaged equipment and an irradiated Juicer. May have been fate, mind you, or maybe it were just dumb luck, but a mile or so off that field were an off the beaten track farm. Ol’ safehouse by the look of it – and already once over by the Coalition what with the two dozen corpses and all. A good spot t’ lay low for a couple o’ days while they were fixin’ themselves up. Weren’t a bad find really, fresh water, food, fuel, and horses in case they needed t’ move more subtly than a shiny ol’ bit o’ a Glitterboy would allow. Shower even worked.

But it weren’t without it’s creepy side either. It weren’t the fresh graves just dug o’ the folk out back either. Just ‘bout the time Jeremiah done found a somethin’ look like an exit wound in the ground, the bird with the damn head done showed up.

What bird? Were a Peregrine Falcon, bout the size o’ a whiskey jug and soundin’ right about like an elf with a dog bog eatin’ his nads. Adam done spotted it in a tree not twenty paces from the house – carrying about with the helmet o’ a Deadboy in its claws, severed head still included. Seemed plenty find with parting with the head for a bit o’ meat, but it were about as dark a sign as you might imagine, ‘specially seemin’ as Megan knew the fella it belonged to. One Colonel Grissom, CS Special forces. Ripped clean off by the look of it.

If that weren’t bad enough, after everyone got there the head started to float. Ajax, a man apparently knowledgable about such things, had barely spoken the word that evil was afoot ‘fore Devon blew it the hell up. T’ say everyone were feeling a bit twitchy were an understatement.

Hold on t’ yer pants folks, an get me another drink, it only get better from here.

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Holes to Hell
Day 5 (Session 5)

{Back to Previous Entry: Fields of Slaughter}

Ahh… nothin’ like the touch of the juice to loosen a tongue, am I right?

Now, after them floatin’ heads and all, it were reckoned that it might be a good idea t’ go and check out that there hole Jeremiah found. Land done looked like some fool done popped a zit on the ass oh the earth, and deep too. If it weren’t for the water in the bottom it were rightly call a Hole to Hell – but might as well have been for what they found there.

First sign o’ trouble were what Tumbleweed’s nose told ‘em were more than one thing come out o’ that hole and smell o’ brimstone! Ah don’t think I need t’ tell y’all what that means. Worse was when that queer falcon dove down the hole and pulled up a curved bit o’ lead with a weird sign on it, sign Ajax said were meant to be the inside o’ some magic prison. Between that and sides o’ the hole bein’ stone smoother than a Juicer could climb (and climb he did, in an’ out) cause they be melted – our heroes decided that farm weren’t so safe a haven after all. So, packin’ and fuelin’ up, they carried on, tryin’ to find the trail.

As it happened, trail done find them instead. Done crested a hill round afternoon time when for when all lookin’ like a naked lady fightin’ a floatin’ black bit o’ evil with magic. After what went on earlier y’can imagine those folks might be a bit jumpy. Needless to say, that thing didn’t last too long even if it had a chance to begin with. Were a good thing too, as Tumbleweed done let them know that were one o’ the things came out from down the hole. Now, if y’ ask me, encounterin’ a magic woman in the middle o’ no-mans-land without a stitch o’ clothin’ on should be raisin’ some suspicions but apparently in that time such things were not so strange. Either that, or she were just rather charmin’ and polite like, if y’ get what I mean.

That were a joke ya dumb shits. Swear y’all laugh at all the wrong parts.

Either which way, Wysp, as she were called, were rather a bit more knowledgeable about those parts, seein’ as she both had a headin’ on the ill fated crossroads they was headin’ for – an a bead on who be might to know in which pocket o’ hell where Edgar Casey might be hidin’. Would it gone a bit more smoothly, as usual, were not for the Coalition. See, halfway to the crossroads, and right about the time Wysp was figurin’ out that Megan were Corporal Megan, Adam done got some unpleasant news: One Coalition States armored column was right in their line o’ travel. Might already have done spotted them.

Now, no one that company was itchin’ for that fight, and so they played the last card in their deck and gave Corporal Megan Addison back to the Coalition. Ajax met with Captain Archibald Simpson and the two traded some information. Ajax even did a bit o’ negotiatin’ and got Jeremiah some money for his trouble. Might have gotten more too if he didn’t have to do the talkin’ in the middle o’ the smokin’ crater that used to be place o’ trade.


After they done backed away nice and slow like out o’ missile range, Wysp took her leave without accepting any further offers o’ help. Maybe it were the way they had just had a close encounter with the CS. Maybe it were the way Devon looked at her like an unfixed Pug. Or maybe, as Ajax done pointed out after she were gone, it were because she was a friggin’ dragon. Wanted by the Coalition too with a fat price on her head.

As y’could understand, things were right quiet after that as they done changed their headin’ to go and hunt Edgar. Too many close encounters meant it were hard to say whether they was blessed or cursed. So as they settled in for the night, Devon, Tumbleweed and Ajax put down for some shut-eye. While Jeremiah and Adam held watch though, that day proved it had one more weird twist left in it.

A squaw woman done walked out of the woods into their camp with a doe over her shoulder like a ghost. Introduced herself as Naira Swift Storm, and pretty clearly not just a squaw as she done pretty much confirmed that she were friends with the weird falcon that done been shadowin’ them all day. As it done turn out, that falcon and Naira too had some need o’ help, and there were promise of more than just venison for breakfast if they were agreeable.

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Back on the Trail of the Damned
Day 6 (Session 6)

{Back to Previous Entry: Holes to Hell}

Ya’ll may have yer own thoughts ‘bout why it were so, and if ya’ll was asking me I’d say it were the sweet taste of fresh venison between sips o’ joe, but Adam, Ajax, Jeremiah, and Tumbleweed had no problem with hearing out our mysterious injun. As for Devon, well, let’s just say he was too busy sticking food in his craw ta mess anything up by talkin.

The way Naira told it, she too wanted a piece o’ Edgar Casey. Seems like she had a particular problem the way he done murdered some folks ta make his escape – though whether this were because it were fer justice or vengance she didn’t say. Not that anyone done asked!

In exchange for joinin’ forces, Naira explained she could be o’ particular service in gettin’ them t’ their next destination. See, ol’ Wisp had done told them that folk at one “Philer’s Point” could be pointin’ them towards Edgar. She didn’t say, however, that the road t’ that thar place was a booby trapped minefield, impassible by vehicles. Not good! But, as they done always do, our injun knew a back way, accessible by foot or horseback, t’ get thar. It seemed a fair deal, at least at the time.

So, after they done stashed the cars and saddled up, they began t’ make their way. Out o’ the prarie now, they scaled through the ash and oak trees on hilly, rocky trails. Place like that could make ya forget that ya was in a warzone. Then again, warzones have ways that make themselves known even in the wild places.

Take, fer example, a clearing made by a big farkin’ explosion. Just so happens Naira’s little injun trail were a bit more populated than she done figured. That is t’say populated by a slaughter. Yep, someone done found and killed themselves a coalition patrol right there, not the least bit ‘cause they blew ’em up with enough explosive ta level a chunk o’ the forest too.


An’ makin’ matters worse, by someone I done mean demons. Brodkil specifically. Yep, nothin’ says Brodkil quite like heavy ordinance and the smell o’ brimstone, somethin’ that didn’t make it past Tumbleweed or Ajax. Needless t’ say the rest o’ the day went rather more tensely, until round suppertime they was comin’ up round a gulley when Jeremiah done got an inklin’ that they was about t’ walk into an ambush. Good an cautious-like he done warned everyone, makin’ sure to not set off a panic.

An’, well, that didn’t work too good. Cause soon as Adam done spotted them brodkil on high ground above the gully the Boom Gun done came out and it all went t’ Hell.

You’d think, given they was Hellspawn and all, that Brodkil would do well in that sort of situation, and I suppose ya could say that they did do better than some o’ the other toughs this posse ran into. Put up serious fight, and had plenty o’ heavy duty weapons t’ boot – but it weren’t enough ta save ‘em. That’s the problem when ya’ bring a particle beam t’ a Boom Gun fight. And, well, when the Glitterboy brings a Juicer, and the squaw is shooin’ lightnin’ bolts out her rifle, yer day ain’t gonna go too well. That’s the best than can be said about the paste that were the remains of the brodkil.

Should always be that way, t’ demons.

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A Road to Solitude
Day 6-8 (Session 7)

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Killin’ demons be hard work, so the posse rode only far enough t’ be away from the carnage afore makin’ camp. Maybe were because o’ the recently deceased Brodkil in those parts, or maybe just ‘cause they was damn lucky, but there were nothin’ that went bump in the night or much more than some ‘skeeters to disrupt their sleep. Were about as peaceful as it got round those parts – nothin’ like wipin’ out the top dog in a neighborhood t’ help a body feel good and alone.


Fer ya’ll payin’ attention almost a week past since that fateful saloon brawl that started this whole story. Most o’ that time been out in the wilds without a comfortable bed or much more than the eyes o’ fellow travelers t’ keep safe while ya sleep. No walls, no laws, just a lot of solitude with the occasional bout of terror an’ death. All that can make a heart feel real lonesome. I see a few older folk noddin’ yer heads – the road ain’t an easy place. Changes a person, borg, d-bee, whatever. Sometimes makes y’ stronger an better, but can also make ya worse.

Next day was a good bit more quiet, but just round after noontime the ol’ glitterboy started pickin’ up something smokin’ right on their path. Given the last thing that folks saw smokin’ like that, they were a bit more than relieved t’ see that it were some poor sod ran their ATV over a landmine. Without much further ado, Jeremiah decided t’ meander on down t’ say howdy.

Pretty good fortune to meet a friendly sort out in the middle o’ nowhere. Let alone a big, armor plated, stare-yer-glitterboy-in-the-face friendly, but there y’ go. That down on his luck fella was a Creman, which is kinda like a ‘borg but bigger an’ more D-bee. Anyway after a few pleasantries he introduced himself as Iggy, an also introduced his car, which was more or less just called “problem.”

See, Iggy’s car was pretty darn screwed up. Sittin’ in a minefield, missin’ some tires and even had a wheel sheered of at the axle. Kind o’ thing y’all or I would probably look at, swear, and leave for scrap. But no, Iggy was a kinda operator, and if it weren’t fer stubborness and the inability to carry all his tools about on his lonesome he wouldn’t be no operator at all. And so there he was.

Our posse was feelin’ a right bit friendly too, and it weren’t like Philer’s point were getting further away. Plus, Adam‘s poor glitterboy could really use an operators touch t’ buff out a few missle scars, and e-clips don’t just refill themselves. And so Tumbleweed and Adam went to go and get some materials and Ajax and Jeremiah made for good company.

Unfortunately, Devon didn’t get the message. Seems like the Solitude were gettin’ the better part of his orc mind, ‘cause it didn’t take long for him t’ start tryin’ t’ steal what weren’t his. Got caught too, twice. Had the sense at least t’ know a third time would have him eatin’ a particle beam blast , but it were only just the beginin’ o’ the problems with Devon.

Despite that, seemed like the posse managed t’ get what Iggy needed, even if in the end it done looked more like wagon wheels than proper tires. But that didn’t help with the whole minefield problem, an so with some help from Naira, the posse and Iggy came t’ an agreement. Iggy would done stow his car and help out the posse on their way, if they could get him to a settlement where he could find some parts to fix his car proper and get a guide to get him out of the minefield he was in. Yep, Iggy was comin’ along to Philer’s Point.

Much o’ that afternoon had been spent on repairs, so once again they didn’t get too much father afore campin’ fer the night. Would have been another peaceful night if it weren’t again for Devon. See, were early in the mornin’ when folks done noticed that both Naira and Devon was missin’. Certainly weren’t like either of them t’ miss breakfast. Enough dangerous things out there meant that the posse was thinkin’ the worst. So Jeremiah and Tumbleweed done start trackin’ them down, ready for whatever horror be afoot.

And horror it was! Afore their very eyes, Devon was done whippin’ the one-eyed snake! That posse had faced demons, giant robots, even the living dead but never was such terror visited upon them before. Seems Devon had done followed Naira as she went to clean off the dust o’ the road, and so doin’ had unleashed somethin’ more terrible upon the world.


Needless t’ say, this did not go over that well and Devon got some roughed up for his trouble, from Jeremiah and Tumbleweed, but also Naira. Yep, when Devon done crawled back into camp for breakfast he was lookin’ quite like he’d takin a round or two with a grackletooth. Served him right, but at least it kept him out o’ trouble for the rest of the journey.

So! Philer’s Point! They was startin’ to get up close to Xitix territory (that were them bug things live up north o’ what used to be Tolkeen) when risin’ from the bed o’ the forest was a pinnacle of rock done looked like it had been shaped by the Lord himself. Up top was a wee shack with a fence, not much t’ look at, but what soon became clear, as Ajax and Naira came scoutin’ down closer, was that the shack were merely the roof o’ a great fortress in the rock itself. Even the Coalition would be hard pressed to take out that place.

Much as in the past, it didn’t take too much for the folks inside t’ notice the glimmerin’ shiny power armor on its doorstep, so the posse made them-self known. Wouldn’t call it rollin’ out the red carpet, but at the least the inhabitants didn’t come out guns blazin’. There were quite a few defenders, one o’ them sword-fist fellahs, gungslinger type, crazy that done spotted the glitterboy in the first place, and then there was the samurai.

I’ll forgive ya if ye don’t know that one. Samurai is kinda like a knight, but from another land called Japan. Main difference is the swords are really sharp and instead o’ beer and jousting they like tea and gardenin’. Well, and the armor looks pretty wild. But that ain’t that unusual really.

Anyway, samurai seemed t’ be in charge introduced herself as one Lady Eriko Oikawa, which seemed t’ be someone known t’ Ajax, or at least familiar like, because after a few polite words about their goals, and a bit o shit-shootin’ between Jeramiah and the crazy, our posse were guests o’ Philer’s Point.

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The Time at Philer's Point
Day 8 (Session 8)

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Those of y’all who are accustomed to travelin’ the wilds know what I mean when I say returnin’ to civilization can be a bit of a shock. Fer bein’ in the middle o’ nowhere, Philer’s Point had some fine points o’ civilization about it. Hot water on tap, shitters that work, readin’ rooms, clinics, and the like. So forgivin’ much, some folks just decided to soak that in for a while. Tumbleweed got himself wrapped up in helpin’ around the place; being rather handy makes a lot of friends real quick. Iggy done got a job as Philer’s Point’s operator in residence. Naira settled down for whatever them injuns do when they’re not sleepin’. Devon ate. Jeremiah got himself a well deserved nap.

Some folks though, well, don’t know how to take a chill. Take Adam. Ain’t long before he spills his name out ‘fore people can’t tell him from his crazy famous gramps (Did I mention he was Oscar Churchill’s grandson?). Bad enough bein’ a glitterboy pilot when people don’t think ya held off a demon army or such. Soon ya got tourists checkin’ our yer ride, farm girls sizin’ you up like livestock, and noble ladies makin’ marriage proposals in yer direction. Don’t let anyone tell ya that bein’ famous ain’t a pain in the arse.

Ajax though were a bit different busy. After they done figured out that Casey actually had been nearby, and done some nasty business in a village on a leyline, he realized they was short somethin’ serious when it came to them spirits, poltergeits and other nasties that were likely t’ stir up. And while it weren’t really clear what he did to done convince her, Lady Eriko agreed t’ allow another one of them farm-girls who done have some useful sensitive skills to join the posse in exchange fer some missiles they done salvaged from that ol robot. An’ that’s how Nicole Branamen came along.

So, after Tumbleweed done helped Iggy with some repairs on the ol Glitterboy it were time t’ saddle up once again, and go and fetch those things they done left behind.

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