The Long Road to Tomorrow

The Stage is Set...

General Information
The game is to begin in a small town that was built up from a Tolkeen army staging base near the border between the Wildwoods and Riverine baronies. When it was a staging base it was known as Fort Defiance but now it is simply called Harold’s Port.

Harold’s Port is built along the mighty Missouri River. It has many building that were left up after the Tolkeen army abandoned it roughly 4 months ago. It has become the home to many refugees, mercenaries, criminals, and people just trying to flee the slaughter in and around Tolkeen.

Sure, the CS is working their way this direction but folks are trying to make it work here. The CS’ high mobility units have not seen fit to focus on this little town, yet.

Facts and Figures
Total “Permanent” Population: 410
Humans: 280
Assorted D-Bees: 130

Transient Population: 1,000-1,500
Each transient must pay a fee 250 credits to enter the town. If they seek to settle here, they pay an Application Fee of 2,500 credits. Visitors are issued a pass for their money. Residents are issued an ID.

Places of Interest
- The Docks: This set of small docks and warehouses were once used by the Tolkeen army. Now they are controlled by the Governor’s thugs. Some transients seek to live there but are quickly rooted out.
- The Governor’s Palace: This is really just a bunker used by the Governor and outfitted with the best booty he can come up with.
- Soupville: This is the part of town that the Transients are supposed to stay in. It is a tent city that is routinely patrolled by thugs. Crime runs rampant here. It is named for the soup kitchens which serve the camp. At least the entrance fee pays for some services…
- The Duchess: This casino is ran by Darren Mann, civilized Psi Stalker and gambler. It is a good, clean place to spend some of your credits.
- Maggie’s: This is a brothel. It is fairly new, even for this place. Maggie Shin organized many of the “working girls” and got them under one roof about two weeks ago. Since then business has been great.
- Rockie’s Emporium : General Store that sells a little bit of everything and even takes things in trade. Ran by the upstanding A’taur Grinsorr, a D’norr Devilman.
- The Host House: This is an honest to goodness hotel that was set up in some old barracks. The service is great for those of means. It is ran by Julian Marquez.
- The Wet Whistle: This is a typical saloon, bar, and gambling pit. It is the only permanent place in town to get a drink. It is owned and operated by Wyatt Hotchkiss.

Persons of Interest
- Governor Harold Goodson: This gentlemen is considered a hero in these parts because of his heroics in defending Tolkeen as a mercenary. He is a Glittler Boy pilot and still has the suit in the Palace. He decided to take this abandoned camp and turn it into a little town. Fear of his Glitter Boy and his “sheriff” keep most people in line.
- Torexx Stann: Vanguard Brawler, former mercenary-now Sheriff. This charming fellow once ran with the governor. He is known for his brutality and short temper. He runs the Department of Public Safety.
- Sinn’diri Grinori: D’norr Devilman and Town Administrator. She is responsible for collecting fees, taxes, and issuing permits/ID’s.

Where are You??
- The PC’s will find themselves in the Wet Whistle at the beginning of the game. (Yes, I know… meeting in the tavern, how boring… just wait and see.) You will fin some individual information about your characters below.

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