The Long Road to Tomorrow

Blood like Chromium
Day 182-187
Lonely Doves
Day 177-181 (Session 30)
No Moss on a Rolling Stone
Day 172-177 (Session 29)
Leads to New Mutiny
Day 172 (Session 28)
And Heads Shall Roll
Day 170-172 (Session 26-27)
There I Was...
Day 169-170 (Session 25)

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“…Clear Skies, spring of 114, maybe 115. Two days after the first storm. Air was heavy, humid and smelled of blood, sweat, and piss. People couldn’t decide if they were at war with the coalition or ready to hand over the keys to the town. You could see the fear in their eyes, that hallowed at look, eyes darting to the skies. It was worse for the D-bees. Lord help me, my soul ached to see the looks of betrayal on their faces. How quick people are to throw their neighbors under the cart when they are afraid.

But who could blame them? Can a boomgun clear the skies? Can a marshal arrest an earthquake? We paint a veneer of civilization on human nature on our weak, fearful minds and are quick to make false idols out of undeserving heroes.

We tended to the injured, comforted the afflicted. But there were injuries and afflictions that cannot be cured by stitches and splints or surgeon. The thought was in their minds, like a comforting cancer, damaging their community and their bonds to each other. “We can call on the Coalition to protect us, if no one else will.”

…Or so I told myself at the time. As we woke, it was too late, Nykki brought the news that confirmed my suspicions. The Coalition was already there.

Adam Churchill

Proposed to Nikki. Will marry when the stars are right. Jeremiah detonated a pillow in my room. Another mess to clean up. Owen & Kitty are in heat. I need to get that metal dog drilling drone up & running. Clear Skies is a wreck. I need to plant those yellow crystal seeds to ward off the dreaded C.S.

Soon I will carry on the family tradition of slaughtering the more stupid members of this fair town. Oscar would blasted him to bits long before now. What do I need to do to live up to the family name? I wish I’d blasted those deep crabs we encountered a while back. I doubt they’ve set up a lemonade stand. They’re probably eating farmers right now. Maybe if I kill Kenneth Sprite, that will make up for missed opportunity. If Evan Hand joined up with the 1st Apocalyptic Cavalry, that would be great. A lot of things are slipping through my fingers.

Jeremiah Whiteclaw


Big Lou McKee
Hot damn, I like this little town. It has good beer, better whiskey, fine ladies, and a colorful spirit to it. Too bad there are folks out there scheming to do it harm. Well, I got me a few bullets for them. Sure I’been having fun gambling and gossipin’ but I’ve also been keeping my eye out for threats too. No one can accuse me of not doin’ my job of bein’ “Undercover”.

Clear Skies is a fine place, as I said, and full of fine folks. I hope they don’t fall under the Coalition’s spell. Speakin’ of fine folks there is this widow I met, Darcey Mays.

Darcey is a lovely woman who lost her husband to quarry accident two years back. She has two little ones too. Their place was hit hard by that storm. They lost their home, their chickens, and their horse. I’ve given ’em my room in the hotel to help them out. Guss they are mine to look after for a while…

Macey Lane
Incident Report

The aftermath of the strange magical/dimensional storm has been terrible for this little unfortified town of Clear Skies. They have lost much. It is strange to me that they did not have any fire/rescue personnel in the town other than some half-trained deputies. I am glad I was here to help. These are good people and they need the help right now.

As much as they may think the CS can protect them from such things, I fear that might not be the case. The only thing the CS could really do is relocate them. That would disrupt their lives. That is less-than ideal. Of course, that might be preferable to them dying.

On a personal note: Tumbleweed keeps looking at me funny. He thinks he is clever and that I don’t notice his gaze but I do. I think he wants me. Hmm… He has been a good friend to me. Perhaps I will make the offer to him when we are less busy with our work. There is something “appealing” to him that I can’t quite figure out. He is deserving of the kindness and affection. What would the CS do if they recovered me? What would they do if they recovered Tumbleweed? No way does he deserve being put down or tortured. I’d try to prevent that from happening to him.

Kitty Branamen
Owen told me he loves me!!!! I think he meant it too! That makes me soooo happy. He is handsome and strong. He is funny and can be sweet. He is also hung like a horse…. I wonder if he is going to ask me to marry him…. What would I say?? If I said “yes” then maybe I could marry before Nikki and that would really get her goat…. Do I love him?? I don’t know… Ajax told me I could have a future doing great things on the road. It’s not an easy life but it sounds exciting. If I married Ajax and he would take me with him on his adventures… Hmmm….

Nikki’s going to kill me….

Nicole Branamen
Owen and Kitty seem happy together and well-suited for each other. They hump like bunnies…. They really seem to like that activity. Adam says he wants me. Does he really?? Maybe he will just want to have sex with me. That’s fine, I guess. The more I’ve observed my slutty little sister, the more it seems like it is fun for her… But fun isn’t really the point of love. It is devotion and I’m willing to devote myself to him and have his heirs. It is more than a simple peasant farmgirl like me could have dreamed for but yet Ajax has gotten inside my head… He has said that I am powerful and can do powerful things to help others. He says I could be Adam’s partner in our adventures. I want that so much. I want to be loved and needed.

The people of Clear Skies are good, on the whole. Some individuals seem to carry some massive secrets. Secret debts, affairs, secret hatreds, and other complications. I’ve been watching them like the others wanted. I’ve been taking notes. That Vallman is a suspicious one, for sure. He is up to something. It’s hard to get close to him. His clerk Daniel Ridley, is very perceptive….

Stormy Skies of Kansas
Day 166-167 (Session 24)

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The Flower of Fort Comanche
Day 165-166 (Session 23)

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Deep in the Dark Heart of Clear Skies
Day 163-165 (Session 22)

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Going to Need a Bigger Bottle
Day 163 (Session 21)

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