USA-G10 Glitter Boy

The inheritance of the Churchill family


Crew: 1
MDC by Location:
- Main Body: 770
- Reinforced Pilot’s Compartment: 150
- Head: 290
- Left Arm: 270
- Right Arm: 270
- Left Hand: 100
- Right Hand: 100
- Left Leg: 450
- Right Leg: 450
- Rail Gun: 175

- Running: 60 mph
- Leaping: 12 feet high or across. Add 10 feet if there is a running start. Thrusters can hurl the armor 80 feet and can hold the unit aloft 12 feet for 1d6x10 seconds.
- Underwater: Can walk along the bottom at 25% normal speed. Thrusters provided 15 mph of movement underwater.
- Physical Strength: PS 30 (robotic)

- Height: 10 feet, 5 inches
- Width: 4 feet, 4 inches
- Length: 4 feet
- Weight: 1.2 tons fully loaded
- Power System: Nuclear (20 years left on charge)

Sensor Systems and Special Features
- Optical Systems: Laser Targeting, Telescopic, Passive Nightvision, Thermal Imaging, Infrared, Ultraviolet, and Polarization.
- Radar: Identify 72 targets and track up to 48 simultaneously at a 10 mile range.
- Combat Computer: Calculates, stores, and transmits data onto the HUD of the pilot’s helmet.
- Targeting Computer: Assists in the identification and tracking of enemy targets. 10 mile range.
- Radio Communications: Long-range directional communications system with 500 mile range. Directional short-range radio 20 mile range.
- Built-in Loudspeaker: 80 decibels
- Self-Destruct Mechanism
- Advanced Laser Targeting
- Laser Resistant Armor: Laser attacks do half damage.
- 10 Gallons of water in Refrigerated Unit
- Four week Supply of a multivitamin, protein nutrient paste.
- Other Features: Depth Gauge, Geiger Counter, and Language Translator, all built-in

Hand-to-Hand Damage:
- Restrained Punch: 1d4 MD
- Normal Punch: 1d6 MD
- Power Punch (uses two attacks): 2d6 MD
- Kick: 2d4 MD
- Running Leap Kick (uses three attacks): 4d6 MD
- Tear/Pry: 1d6 MD
- Body Block/Ram: 2d4 MD
- Running Ram(uses three attacks): 3d6 MD
- Stomp: 1d6 MD
- Pylon Impalement: 1d6 MD
- Vibro Forearm Claws: 3d6 MD

RG-14 Rapid Accleration Electromagnetic Rail Gun “Boom Gun”:
- Damage: 3d6x10 MD
- Range: 11,000 feet
- Magazine: 1,000 rounds
- Effects of Sonic Boom: Everyone with 200 feet will be temporarily deafened. Characters without sound/ear protection are deafened for 2d4 minutes, -8 on Initiative, -3 to Parry, and -3 to Dodge. Characters in EBA, light MD vehicles, or power armor are effected or 1d4 minutes. Each shot adds to the duration of the effect.

Built-In Wilks-Remi 136 Laser Pistol:
- Mounted: Right Forearm
- Damage: 3d6 MD
- Range: 600 feet

Built-in NG-57 Ion Blaster:
- Mounted: Left Forearm
- Damage: 2d4 or 3d6 MD
- Range: 500 feet


Owner: Adam Churchill

Glitter Boy Article

The Churchill family was owned and operated this unit for as long as anyone can remember (at least 7 generations now). They have lovingly preserved and taken care of their G10. This unit has seen some famous pilots including David Churchill who held off an entire band of marauding demons from overtaking a small town about 150 years ago and more recently Oscar Churchill who seemed to be one-part crusading knight, one-part gunslinger.

An Operator named Iggy recently modified the forearms to include two different energy pistols which are powered by the suits power core. This in attempt to provide variability to the suit’s capabilities.


USA-G10 Glitter Boy

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