TK Submachinegun

TW modified antique Sterling SMG

weapon (ranged)

- Single Shot: 1d4 MD
- Short Burst: 2d4 MD
- Long Burst: 3d6 MD
- Full-Melee Burst: 6d6 MD
Rate of Fire:
- Short Burst: 5 shots
- Long Burst: 10 shots
- Full-Melee Burst: 20 shots
Range: 200 feet (doubles at ley line)
Payload: 20 shots
Recharge: 1 PPE (2 ISP) per 2 shots


Current Owner:

This antique weapon has been modified by Technowizards to fire telekinetic bolts. It is virtually silent, making it ideal for covert operations.

TK Submachinegun

The Long Road to Tomorrow gameweaver