TK Machinegun

TW modified antique Lewis Gun

weapon (ranged)

Bonus to Strike: +1 if braced or if user has PS of 20 or greater
- Single Shot: 2d4 MD
- Short Burst: 4d4 MD
- Long Burst: 4d6 MD
- Full-Melee Burst: 2d4x10 MD
Rate of Fire:
- Short Burst: 3 shots
- Long Burst: 6 shots
- Full-Melee Burst: 30 shots
Range: 2,000 feet (doubles at ley line)
Payload: 30 shots
Recharge: 1 PPE (2 ISP) per shot


Current Owner: Tumbleweed

This quaint antique was specially made for Miles Macbeth and is a favorite weapon of his because of its “character”. It is the oldest weapon in his TW arsenal. When firing the only sound the weapon makes is the rattling of the mechanical parts of the gun.

TK Machinegun

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