The Garage on Wheels

Multi-purpose Trailer


Like it’s predecessor, the Chuckwagon, Tumbleweed’s Mobile Garage is a specialized vehicle for the party’s unique needs. This all-terrian trailer is an adaptable multi-purpose, attachment to a vehicle, allowing for the movement of people, livestock, and vehicles. If hooked up to the power source of a vehicle or the Chuck Wagon, it can provide a climate controlled interior, as well as charge electric vehicles. It has space in the interior to accommodate a single moderately sized car and can charge two hovercycles or motorcycles on side racks with quick release clamps and charging ports, set to release when cycle is powered on A fold out ramp and wide double doors make loading and unloading a breeze. The interior is contains a remarkable set of stowed functions that allows it easily convert to comfortably accommodate two horses or provide sleeping space four human sized beings in double bunks. Eight human sized passengers could also use the trailer for travel. Modeled on the carriage wagons of the old west, it even has a roof rack to allow for large gear to be strapped on.


Designed and Built By: Tumbleweed
Owned By:

Model Type: Tumbleweed Special #2

Class: MDC Trailer

Crew: None, can accommodate two horses or closed, or up to 8 passengers.

M.D.C. by Location

*Main Body — 100

**Tires (4) — 6

  • Destruction of the main body will destroy the vehicle.
  • Tires are small targets with a -3 to strike if trying to hit on an aimed shot.

Speed: As Vehicle -5%. Attaching the Mobile Garage to a vehicle slows it by 5%.

Flying: Not applicable. Thank god.

Amphibious Capabilities: Like the Chuck Wagon, the Mobile Garage can be sealed to be water resistant, allowing it to be towed across the surface of the water and having some protection from being capsized. Being submerged will scuttle the vehicle requiring an extensive repair job at least.

Statistical Data

Height: 15 ft.

Width: 11 ft.

Length: 25 ft.

Weight: 1100 Ibs.

Color: Reddish brown, like its inspiration.

Power System: none, though has hook-ups that when connected to another vehicle or the Chuck Wagon allow it to power climate control, charging ports, and other convenience and comfort systems for those residing on the interior.

Cargo: Effectively increases the cargo capacity of it’s towing vehicle by 136%!

Cost: Approximately 90,000 credits of materials and labor to replicate. Likely to be reduced with mass production to 50,000 credits if Tumbleweed wanted to sell the plans to a manufacturer.

Weapon Systems: None.
Other Special Capacities: 2 Mounts/Induction charging ports for electric hovercycles/ motorcycles on either side, Climate Controlled Living Space (non-environmental), multiple built in configurations to accommodate almost anything that can fit.


The Garage on Wheels

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