The Chuckwagon

A multi-purpose towed wagon


A product of engineering, luck, and pure gumption, Tumbleweed’s chuck wagon is a masterpiece cementing his role as the party’s handyman in residence. This remarkable all-terrain trailer can function as a full service kitchen, machine shop, mobile generator and living quarters. It can even have another trailer attached to it for tandem loads. Fold out doors on the side of the wagon can increase available space when stationary, allowing for greater space to work and play. Contains work benches, welder, parts bins, e-clip chargers, folding cots and kitchenette. Climate controlled and ready to roll for the on the go for adventurers who likes to take home and shop with them. Seals water right when closed for water navigation, just put the heavy stuff on the bottom. Modeled on the carriage wagons of the old west, it even has a roof rack to allow for large gear to be strapped on.


Designed and Built By: Tumbleweed
Owned By:

Model Type: Tumbleweed Special #1

Class: MDC Trailer

Crew: None, though living quarters can accommodate one when closed, or up to 3 when opened.

M.D.C. by Location

*Main Body — 100

**Tires (4) — 6

  • Destruction of the main body will destroy the vehicle.
  • Tires are small targets with a -3 to strike if trying to hit on an aimed shot.

Speed: As Vehicle -5%. Attaching the chuck wagon to a vehicle slows it by 5%.

Flying: Not applicable. Thank god.

Amphibious Capabilities: The Chuck wagon can be sealed to be water resistant, allowing it to be towed across the surface of the water and having some protection from being capsized. Being submerged will scuttle the vehicle requiring an extensive repair job at least.

Statistical Data

Height: 15 ft.

Width: 11 ft.

Length: 25 ft.

Weight: 2600 Ibs.

Color: Reddish brown, like its inspiration.

Power System: Nuclear torso in the dark, a salvaged from the torso of a CS Skelebot about 8 years of life remaining. Can act as a mobile generator, capable of charging e-clips and enough power to equip a modest campsite or building with modern amenities.

Cargo: Effectively increases the cargo capacity of it’s towing vehicle by 136%!

Cost: Like Tumbleweed would ever sell his pride and joy.

Weapon Systems: None, yet. Thank god.

Other Special Capacities: Full Service Kitchen (including refrigerator and a freezer), Portable Robotics/Machine Shop, Filtered Climate Controlled Living Space (non-environmental)


The Chuckwagon

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