Super Mastiff

Massive, powerful combat robot


Class: Heavy Infantry Assault and Rescue Robot
Crew: 3 (Pilot, Co-pilot/communications officer, and gunner)
Passengers: 1

Running Speed: 30 mph max.
Underwater: Airtight and can walk along the bottom at 25% normal speed. Max. Depth: 10,000 feet

Statistical Data:
- Height: 30 feet
- Width: 20 feet
- Length: 16 feet
Weight: 36 tons
Cargo: Enough space for each occupant to stow a couple of rifles, two backpacks, and basic gear.
Power Plant: Nuclear Battery good for 20 years
Robotic Physical Strength: 61

MDC By Location:
- Main Body: 850
- Reinforced Pilot’s Compartment: 100
- Hands (2): 250 each
- Forearms (2): 350 each
- Upper Arms (2): 240 each
- Legs (2): 360 each
- Feet (2): 320 each
- Missile Launchers (4, chest): 100 each
The following areas may only be target with a Called Shot at -3 to strike.
- Forearm Mini-Missile Launchers (2): 80 each
- Bell Gun Turret: 50
- Sensor Eye (2): 60 each
- Shoulder Searchlights (2): 50 each
- Cameras and electronic Eyes (8; concealed): 2 each

Weapon Systems and Combat Statistics:
Hand to Hand Combat:
- Restrained Punch: 2d6 MD
- Full Punch: 1d4x10 MD
- Power Punch: 2d6x10+18 MD (counts as two attacks)
- Tear or Pry with Hands: 6d6 MD
- Kick: 5d6 MD
- Power Kick: 2d4x10 MD (counts as 2 attacks)
- Full Speed Running Ram: 3d4x10 MD (counts as 3 attacks)
- Stomp: 5d6 MD

MR-44 Double Barreled Laser Turret
Number: 1
Location: Belly Turret
Damage: 4d6 single blast or 1d4x10 MD for double blast
Range: 3000 feet

MR-610 Missile Launchers:
Number: 4
Location: Chest
Missile Type: Short or Medium Range
Damage: Variable by missile type
- Short Range: 1-5 miles
- Medium Range: 40-80 miles
Rate of Fire: One at a time or volleys of 2-6.
Payload: 12 missiles per launcher (48 total)

MR-608 Mini-Missile Launchers:
Number: 2
Location: Left and Right Forearms
Damage: Variable by missile type
Range: 1 mile
Rate of Fire: One at a time or volleys of 2-6.
Payload: 16 mini-missiles per launcher (32 total)


This massive monstrosity was unearthed not long ago in the ruins outside of Tolkeen. It was found using GPR buried in a mass of solidified mud with the remains of its ancient crew inside.

It’s design is unknown to current Rifts Earth. It seems to be designed for long-range combat given its complement of missiles as well as rescue operations given the uniqueness of its sensors. It is physically powerful and can be a nasty brawler if needs be.

The CS brought this massive bot to Camp Gage Recycling Yard to be scrapped. Some enterprising techs decided to re-hab. They replaced the power plant and now have it operational though they have not armed it yet. Computer records at the base indicate that the techs have sent images and data to their superiors in Chi Town. This unit is scheduled for pick-up and transport to Chi Town for further study.

Super Mastiff

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