C-29 "Hellfire" Plasma Cannon

Heavy-hitting Plasma Cannon

weapon (ranged)

Weight: 12 lbs( 5.4kg)
Mega-Damage: 1D6xl0 M.D.
Rate of Fire: Equal to the number of attacks of the user; each
blast counts as one melee action/attack.
Effective Range: 1400 feet (423 km).
Payload: 8 blasts per energy canister; mounted on the top-side of
the weapon. In addition, the C-29 can be connected with an energy
cable to a portable hip or backpack carried energy canister
the same as the CP-40. This gives the weapon a total initial payload
of 16 blasts. The dual backpack is commonly issued with
this weapon, with two to four additional energy canisters carried
in a satchel; each canister weighs approximately four pounds
Targeting Scope: Add a bonus of+1 to strike on an aimed shot.


Current Owner: Jeremiah Whiteclaw

The C-29 “Hellfire” plasma cannon is an anti-armor and
heavy infantry support weapon. It is a dependable, durable weapon and inflicts incredible damage. If it has a shortcoming, it is limited firing range. Standard issue includes a telescopic and laser distancing scope.

Black Market Cost: 32,000 for the rifle; can only be used with an
E-Clip Canister which costs 10,000 credits new and fully loaded.
A recharge is 2000 credits.

C-29 "Hellfire" Plasma Cannon

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