Virgil Oxcross

Quirky Rogue Scientist from Lazlo


Race: Human
OCC: Rogue Scientist
Level: 4+
Alignment: Scrupulous

Height: 5’ 10"
Weight: 170 lbs
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Hazel
Age: early 30’s

Notable Attributes:
- IQ
- MA

Notable Skills:
- Chemistry
- Analytical Chemistry
- Botany
- Xenology
- Biology
- Pathology
- Medical Doctor
- Gardening


Virgil Oxcross hails from just outside of Lazlo. He attended the university there until he was offered a spot at Tolkeen’s university to continue his research. He has already received one doctorate from Lazlo by the time he was 23 and was well on his way to another one in Tolkeen when the siege broke out.

Virgil did what he could to help in the war. He is no soldier but he did do his part to defend Tolkeen. His analytical mind came in quite useful in the resistance as did his skills in science and medicine. When he crossed paths with Lady Eriko Oikawa, he became smitten with her. When his unit folded into hers he was happy. She seemed so lovely, graceful, and other-worldly. He dared not approach her romantically. So, he settled on friendship.

Eriko and he became the very best of fiends. She had in him a friend who understood her scientific mind. He became her confidant in so many ways. He so longed for her love.

When he almost lost her to the ravages of the demonic acid he almost went insane. He begane to experiment with all kinds of drugs and mysterious treatments.

Virgil Oxcross

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