Not your average horse


Name: Vigilant
Race: Horse

Height: 19 hands
Weight: 2105 lbs.
Color: Brown, with white around the nose and face, and a black mane
Eyes: Brown
Age: 3-4

Attributes of Note:
- PS
- PE
- IQ (for a horse)
- PB

Skills of Note:
- Perception
- Land Navigation


Ajax‘s choice pick of the horses bought from the Wild Psi-stalkers at Burnley’s Bend, Vigilant is anything but your average stallion. He earned his name on their hard west trek across plains and mountains, steering himself and his rider clear of simvan, avalanches, and other dangers. His preternatural sense of danger and seeming ability to know the mind of his rider saved their lives on many occasions.

Having joined Ajax on his return to Tolkeen, it is clear a special bond has formed between man and horse. This noble creature is just the sort of friend the grim cyberknight needs.

Vigilant in his Northern Gun Cavalry Armor


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