Professional Guitar player/Bohemian turned Gunfighter


dogboy1b.jpgReal Name: Unknown
Alias: Tumbleweed
Race: Dogboy (wolf)
OCC: Vagabond/Gunfighter
Level: 3/5
Alignment: Unprincipled

Height: 5’ 10"
Weight: 200 lbs
Fur: Gray
Eyes: Yellow
Age: 11-1/2

Notable Attributes:
- PS
- PE
- Speed

Notable Skills:
- Mechanical Engineer
- Field Armorer & Munitions Expert
- Robot Mechanics
- Performance
- Play: Guitar
- Streetwise
- Pilot: Automobile


Tumbleweed_causual.jpgTumbleweed is a wanderer, guitar-player, bohemian, explorer, and part-time mechanic. He seems to be happiest exploring the world, taking odd-jobs, and playing gigs in various bars and saloons.

If you ask him, he has “been there, and done that.” He has seen the world as many know it. He is a quintessential rolling stone. He is pretty good in a bar brawl too.

Tumbleweed has proven himself useful is so many little ways. His emergency mechanical skills and “gifts” come in handy. He serves as the team’s cook, musical entertainment source, and primary deal maker. His playful nature lends itself to practical jokes and amusing incidents.
As a pup, Tumbleweed was designated to be put down several times. As he did not show any ability to since physic or magic. The orders kept getting altered. One of Tumbleweed’s talents was to meld with computers. Before someone caught on to the unusual transfers to different departments, he got himself shipped to an outlining CS outpost with orders to be equipped and sent out on a ‘need to know’ mission. Enjoying his new freedom and life he started making a living performing and tinkering. Never staying in anyone place to long reveling in his freedom. When asked for his name he thought of how a Tumbleweed plants roots for awhile then moves with the wind. So he said call me Tumbleweed, much better than his CS designation.



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