"Liberated" CS Battle Cat "owned" by a Dog Boy


RCC: Battle Cat
Level: 1+
Alignment: Anarchist

Height: 5’ 3"
Weight: 120 lbs
Fur: White
Eyes: Green
Age: 2+

Notable Attributes:
- PP
- Speed

Notable Skills:
- Wilderness Survival
- Tracking
- Land Navigation
- Prowl


Shiela was once a proud agent of the CS. Well, she was trained be the CS and sent into the field to hunt down and eliminate mystic type targets. Also there is that whole scouting thing she seems to be good at too… At any rate, she was sunning herself on a rock when along came a sneaky Samson. He engaged her with a neural mace and took her captive. Not thinking to look for any gear she might have had he carted her off all trussed up on his bicycle. Whenever she squirmed or made too much noise he just maced her again.

Finally he placed her in an old well to “contain” her while he went in search for his buddy Tumbleweed. He wanted to surprise Tumbleweed with a pet… Crazy’s…

Now that Shiela has been recovered she is being treated well by Tumbleweed who simply wants to free her. Alas, he might have been too nice because she seems to like this arrangement….


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