Ned Leeman

Western-styled Ley Line Walker


Race: Human
Class: Ley Line Walker
Alignment: Selfish??
Level: 5+

Height: 5’ 8"
Weight: 155 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Gray
Age: mid-late 30’s

Notable Attributes:
- IQ
- ME
- PP
- PB: 11

Notable Abilities:
- Magic
- Spells
- Ley Line Walker Abilities

Notable Skills:
- Lore: Magic
- Wilderness Survival
- Chemistry
- Botany


Ned Leeman is a strange guy. He is a Ley Line Walker that fancies himself a gunslinger. Well, perhaps spell-slinger might be more apt. He is quirky and has a code of honor he adhere’s too not unlike the Code of the Cowboy.

By all appearances he is a well dressed man with a finely crafted pistol on his left-hip in a cross-draw rig and a large critter’s tooth fashioned into a knife on his right hip. He is known to talk to himself from time to time…

Ned Leeman

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