Naira Swift Storm

Arikara wandering warrior with mystical ties


Real Name: Naira Swift Storm
Alias: None
OCC: Totem Warrior
Level: 2
Alignment: Good??

Height: 5’ 7"
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue
Age: late teens-early 20’s
- Slender, lithe build with exceptional grace. She can be seen wearing doe-skin trousers, moccasins, a spirit shirt made of fringed doe-skin decorated with bits of paint and bone, a pair of curved, bone-handled knives, and an old lever-action rifle.

Notable: Attributes:
- ME
- IQ
- PP
- PB: 15

Notable Skills:
- Horsemanship
- Tracking (humanoids)
- Holistic Medicine
- Animal Husbandry


Naira is a mix-blood Arikara warrior. Her father is a white man who “went native” with a group of more traditionalist Arikara. He met her mother and they had Naira.

She took after her maternal grandmother in being that she follows the path of the warrior. Naira is very spiritual but not to the point of being a shaman.

She wanders the lands, searching. For what? No one knows.

Naira Swift Storm

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