Megan Addison

Lost CS trained soldier


Name: Megan Addison
Race: Human
OCC: CS EOD Specialist
Level: 1+
Alignment: Unknown

Height: 5’ 8"
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Age: early 20’s

Notable Attributes:
- IQ
- PP
- PB: 15

Notable Skills:
- Pilot: Robots & Power Armor
- Demolitions
- Demolitions Disposal


CS Rank: Corporal

Megan grew up in Chi-Town in a family of factory workers. She was never afforded much of an education and her curious, bright intellect always craved such things. She dreamed of the world outside of Chi-Town. To see some of that world she enlisted in the military.

She went through training well enough and was thankful for her experiences as a basketball player in her younger days. Due to her basic technical education she was selected for Demolitions Training as well as learning the in’s and out’s of piloting robots/power armor.

With Megan’s training she found herself in robot crews as a gunner as well as serving as a back-up EOD tech for dealing with mines and road-side bombs in the Tolkeen offensive. megan_addison.jpg

Megan Addison

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