Lilly Banks

Prodigal daughter of Clear Skies


Race: Human
OCC: Merc Soldier (Transportation Specialist)
Level: 1+
Alignment: Good-Selfish??

Height: 5’ 7"
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair: Light Chestnut Brown
Eyes: Blue
Age: 22
- A fire in an APC she was driving left the right side of her face and neck scarred.

Notable Attributes:
- MA
- PE
- PB: 13 (formerly 15)

Notable Skills:
- Pilot: Truck
- Pilot: Tanks & APC’s
- Automotive Mechanics
- Animal Handling


Lilly was a lovely darling of Clear Skies. She was considered to be popular among her peers and seen to be a future luminary of the town given her relationship with Adam Churchill. He had began to date this farmer’s daughter when she was but 16 years old. Lilly was very flattered by Adam’s affection and attention. He began their courtship by “calling on her” which then transitioned to walks and then to private dates.

The picture found here is one from a formal dance Adam had taken Lilly to:lilly_banks.png

Though Adam was the heir-apparent to Oscar Churchill it seemed that Oscar was not going anywhere despite his age and his occupation. Lilly began to long for adventure away from Clear Skies. Adam seemed content to work for the Marshall and date her. She wanted a marriage proposal and an adventure to call her own. This put some stress on their relationship.

She was almost 21 when the Saddle Tramp Evan Hand blew into town. He was handsome but yet the quintessential “bad boy”. He began to secretly pursue her by showing up at her house in the middle of the night. He took her out at night where they found all kinds of ways to get into trouble. Lilly loved the thrill of these secret rendezvous. Adam began to seem less and less appealing in her mind. Evan was so much more fun…

Lilly made a fateful choice to run away with Evan one night after they had made love. It seems he had angered his boss, one of the Lowerys, and needed to get out of town. He told her of all the fun they would have together and told her of his deep love for her. So she left a note for her parents and one for Adam too, then she left.

Lilly’s life of adventure was not as romantic as she thought it was to be. They had some hard times getting food and finding work. They bounced from ranch to ranch and town to town in search of work. As things seemed to become more difficult Evan hit the bottle. He is not a particularly fun drunk either…

They finally found some work with a small mercenary company. Lilly agreed to train as a soldier and Evan had to act the part as well. She then found out she was pregnant with their son, Joshua. Evan became more distant after she gave him the news until one day he just disappeared on her. The company was going to throw her out but she fought for her place. She even managed to get injured as a driver in one of their antique APC’s after it had taken some plasma missile hits. They never paid much but then one day the pay just stopped. Also, the higher up’s were less-than happy with her being a mother. (She refused to give up her son)

Lilly decided to do something daring, she stole one of the company’s cargonauts, some supplies, and decided to head for home. Her’s was a long road but now she is back only to find her parents are missing and Adam is engaged to another.

Lilly Banks

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