Lady Eriko Oikawa

Warrior-woman from the Far East


OCC: Traditional Samurai
Alignment: Good??
Race: Human
Level: 2+

Height: 5’ 8"
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Age: early 20’s
- Despite all of the healing efforts made to Eriko, her body still remains ravaged by that demonic acid. It took from her her eyes, hair, nose, and ears. It ravaged her skin and left it burned and scarred. It cost her attributes of her femininity as well. She lies in a deep coma and nothing seems to awaken her. Her companions did have her eyes replaced with bionic multi-optic eyes of the highest caliber. A Cyberdoc did what he could to repair the skin damage. He built her a nose and ears. He rebuilt some of the tissue lost to the acid. Still she lays scarred and sleeping.

Notable Attributes:
- PP
- IQ
- PB: 8

Notable Skills:
- Horsemanship
- Chemistry
- Biology
- Medical Doctor



Lady Eriko is the only daughter of Lord Hideo Oikawa, Samurai warrior who crossed through a Rift with his daughter to help defend Tolkeen from the oppressive behavior of the CS.

Eriko is a true warrior and highly trained in the martial arts and is also a skilled medical doctor. She was often seen working with the wounded of Tolkeen. She has also been known to defend the sick, injured, helpless, and homeless.

She rode with Ajax, Adam Churchill, and company to bring down Edgar Casey. In the battle to destroy Casey and his evil minions a terrible demon breathed an acidic cloud upon she and Ajax as they fought it. As her magical armor was not sealed against such attacks, it ravaged her face and body. It ate away at her lungs from where she breathed it in. She would have surely died if not for the efforts of her companions.

Jeremiah Whiteclaw attached an IRMSS to her after Ajax had drug her to safety. Adam looked on helplessly, feeling as if he was to blame for her fate. Ajax and the young psychic, Nikki did all they could for her to save her life. Nikki has worked tirelessly to try and mend Eriko’s body with the power of her mind. This has not been an easy road to take.

The companions paid for a Cyberdoc to see Eriko and install bionic eyes in her. The doctor tried to do what he could for her but much of Eriko’s former beauty is lost.

Eriko now sleeps in a deep coma at Philer’s Point. Virgil Oxcross and Nikki tend to her. Most would say Eriko is in the best of hands. Still, she slumbers…

The people of Philer’s Point hope for her recovery. She is considered to be their leader and a symbol of the nobility that was once Tolkeen, before the war, before the terrors of the Sorcerer’s Revenge, and before the destruction of the city. Many continue to hope and pray but as the days and weeks pass, hope wanes.

The party purchased a suit of Gladiator-style armor for her. Hargun decided that he needed to “modify” it. He along with the assistance of Tumbleweed have been converting the armor’s appearance to look more like what she had worn before. Now she has an impressive-looking Samurai-style suit of armor complete with a face mask that looks almost exactly like what she had worn before.

Lady Eriko Oikawa

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