Kitty Branamen Churchill

Adventurous young woman


Real Name: Kathleen Darcy Branamen Churchill
Race: Human
OCC: Headhunter
Level: 1
Alignment: Good??

Height: 5’ 7"
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair: Reddish-Brown
Eyes: Brown
Age: 15
- Tall, athletic yet with supple curves. She is as fit as a fiddle. She appears to be much older than her 15 years.

Notable Attributes:
- MA: 14+
- PE
- PB: 18

Skills of Note:
- Horsemanship
- Gardening
- Finding Trouble


Kitty is the younger sister to Nicole Branamen. Despite that she is 2 years younger than Nikki she is almost 5 inches taller. According to her, she “matured” faster than her sister Nikki. She is lively and full of energy. She also has a tendency toward being more athletic than Nikki too.

Kitty has been known to get herself into the occasional scrap and is a self-proclaimed marksman with a laser rifle. It would seem that the Branamen sisters’ trials after losing their parents were truly harrowing. They both had to grow up fast. Nikki has said that Kitty is the “strong one” and Kitty is very defensive of her sensitive, older sister.

She is somewhat precocious and flirtatious with men she finds appealing. This seems to include Adam Churchill. Kitty is rather skilled at getting what she wants and well, she seems to want Adam…

Her behavior has put her at-odd’s with her sister, Nicole Branamen. The two have gotten in numerous arguments and even the odd brawl. Neither speak of what the cause of these disagreements are.

Ajax has counseled her. Tumbleweed finds her to be mildly amusing and a source of good gossip. Adam Churchill tries to avoid her. That does not always work out for him…

Recently. Kitty has been training more to be a stronger fighter. She has been learning more of boxing, hand-to-hand combat, weapons skills, and even is trying her hand at a few technical skills.

Kitty’s personal field protection is this modified CA-02 Light Dead Boy Armor. By her request, Ajax and Tumbleweed removed any remaining reminders of its original Coalition manufacture and adapted it for a sleek feminine profile.

Recently she married her lover Owen Churchill in a secret ceremony.

Kitty Branamen Churchill

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