Kassidy DeLoriea

Dispossessed (no longer) Robot Pilot


Race: Human
OCC: Robot Pilot
Level: 2+
Alignment: Good??

Height: 5’ 6"
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Age: early 20’s

Notable Attributes:
- IQ
- PP
- PE
- PB: 15

Notable Skills:
- Pilot: Robots and Power Armor
- Weapon Systems
- Read Sensory Equipment
- Demolitions
- Demolitions Disposal


Kassidy grew up in the outskirts of Lazlo to a nice family of factory workers. From the time she was a little girl she dreamed of being a soldier and a robot pilot. She loved the idea of piloting a massive war machine into battle. She apprenticed in a mercenary company to learn her trade.

The company was hired up to go into action in the siege of Tolkeen. After a long journey, the company made it to Tolkeen and fought valiantly for the kingdom. Within three weeks of battle, she had lost her Titan Combat Robot to a superior force of CS robots. Then she took her place among the infantry.

A few months later the company acquired a Spider Skull Walker and she was given a spot in its crew. There she managed to maintain her mount for almost a whole week. The CS really did not like facing down their own machines. Their swarms of SAMAS brought the machine down.

She has left the company now as it is shattered. She has found her a place among the resistance as a common soldier.

Kassidy has lived among the people of Philer’s Point and has become one of its resident defenders. Her knowledge of demolitions and military fortifications has come in very handy for these folks. The fact that she actually understands how to operate construction equipment is also a great help.

When the Casey hunting party returned with the Gunbuster, they gifted it to her. Now she is no longer dispossessed and has a new mount. She is much happier now.

Kassidy DeLoriea

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