Daniel Skinner

Young Psi Stalker with a noble heart.


Species: Psi Stalker (civilized)
OCC: Cyber Knight (in-training)
Level: ??

Height: 5’ 8"
Weight: 165 lbs
Hair: None
Eyes: Bright Blue
Age: 15

Notable Attributes:
- PP

Notable Skills:
- Horsemanship
- Animal Husbandry
- Archery
- Prowl


Daniel comes from around Philer’s Point. He is a refugee from the surrounding area around Tolkeen where his family were once farmers. He worked as a stable hand in Philer’s Point for a time. He was recruited by Sir Hector to begin training as a Cyber Knight.

Daniel has a noble, idealistic heart. He values fair play and equal opportunities for all. Like many of his kin, he is a skilled hunter as well.

Daniel Skinner

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