Brynn Braun

Lovely, Deadly Commando Seeking a Fresh Start


Race: Human
OCC: Paratrooper
Level: 3+
Alignment: Selfish??

Height: 5’ 9"
Weight: 145 lbs
Hair: Deep Purple (dyed)
Eyes: Green
Age: mid-late 20’s

Notable Attributes:
- PP
- PE
- Speed

Notable Skills:
- Parachuting
- Swimming
- Intelligence


Brynn Braun is not originally from North America. She originally hails from the NGR. At age 12 she was kidnapped from her family and sold to a trader who then sold her to some less-than pleasant slavers. They managed to make it to Quebec, which where they got caught and Brynn was freed.

Brynn grew up in the care of the state. She ended up the Free Quebec military where she was trained as a commando. She spent some time among her fellow soldiers until she heard about the Tolkeen siege. She decided that she might be able to serve better there. A recruiter for the Tolkeen military was around and arranged for her to join up.

Brynn gained quite the reputation for her daring missions and operations. She is quite the skilled soldier. She has shown remarkable skill and courage in the face of certain death.

She lives with incredible guilt and PTSD. The guilt is from all the brother and sister soldiers sacrificed for such a crop of evil scum she defended.

Brynn Braun

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