Big Lou McKee

Big, burly Gunslinger


Race: Human
OCC: Gunslinger
Level: 4+
Alignment: Unprincipled

Height: 6’ 6"
Weight: 280 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Age: late 30’s-early 40’s
- This big burly African American man dresses well and normally keeps himself well-groomed.

Notable Attributes:
- PS
- PP

Notable Skills:
- Horsemanship
- Pilot: Motorcycle
- Gambling
- Brawling


Louis James McKee is from down around what was once known as Oklahoma. His father owned a hardware store in a small town just outside of CS Lone Star’s territory. Lou was a young man when he had his first run-in with the CS. A pair of escaped Dog Boys made it to his town and were hiding out in a shed behind the hardware store. He discovered them and became their friend as he brought them food and water over a few weeks. Then a group of CS soldiers arrived and their Psi Stalker discovered the two dog boys. Lou had a pistol on him and drew on the Psi Stalker hitting him square between the eyes as the Psi Stalker was leading the two dog boys toward the other soldiers. The soldiers responded by opening fire as the dog boys ran for cover. The dog boys were cut down by laser fire. Lou took off on his motorcycle and headed off on his own.

From then on, Lou was a wanted man by the CS but he tended to steer away from their turf. He has worked in all kinds of capacities: Enforcer, Mercenary, Guard, Bandit, Gambler, and Bodyguard. He has made a name for himself for being fast on the draw and rather cool under pressure. He even tried settling down with a real job and tried to start a family but his wife ran off with a prospector.

Big Lou, as he is called, joined up in the fight against the CS on the side of Tolkeen. He did not join to make money, he joined to fight for freedom. He found himself in the company of Lady Eriko Oikawa, a woman he could respect. He lost his left arm toward the end of the fighting which was replaced with a biologic replacement limb. He still “babies” it and claims it is not as fast or as strong as his old arm.

Big Lou McKee

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