Alise Jones

Badass Juicer brawler and enforcer


Race: Human
OCC: Juicer
Level 5+
Alignment: Anarchist

Height: 5’ 10"
Weight: 175 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Age: 30’s

Notable Attributes:
- PS
- PP
- Speed
- PB: 14

Notable Skills:
- Pilot: Jetpack
- Prowl
- Streetwise
- Find Contraband


Alise is half-African American woman from the Colorado Barony of Charity. She grew up in the worst of these neighborhoods there. She learned to fight while she was learning to walk.

She was already on the way to making a name for herself as a boxer when the chance came for her to become a Juicer. She jumped at the chance.

Now she is a freelance merc in the company of her Juicer husband, Arnie Pliven. Despite the fact that she holds the world in relatively low regard she seems devoted to Arnie.

Alise is late in her third year of Juicer service.

Alise Jones

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