The Long Road to Tomorrow

What the Hell is That?

Shootout at the Junkheap corral.

Improvised diary entry #2.

Went shopping for Nikki before we raided the CS weapon dump. I think I got her something to keep her better hidden.

Before we got to the raid site, Jeremiah sighted & spooked some green elf chick. Capitalism is alive & well in the New west. Jeremiah just kept feeding that thing coins to get information & service from her/it.

(gulps down some vodka)

Much better.

Jeremiah teleported us into the CS Scrap heap. I shot a few Skelebots before Loloweed could turn them into Torso Slaves. Also, Jeremiah went on a Stabtastic killing spree vs. a bunch of bots. All was good.

Enter Stage Right: A Giant Skull on Spider Legs. Maybe I can throw Locoweed on top of SpiderSkull…



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