The Long Road to Tomorrow

Blood & Chrome

Murder Hobos through time & space.

Met Garrett today.   Blamming did not result.    For reasons I don't understand, he's aged a hell of a lot. Shit Darn, where to begin?     I began the day promisingly enough.   Jeremiah didn't drop his bulky papose while rocketing around Clear Skies.    The Undertaker is moving some of his understudies to Casa Churchill.    Tumbleweed is still pawing around that spaceship we haven't salvaged yet.    


Anyhow, Garrett & his Iron Skull posse showed up.    We made radio contact.    Exchanged pleasantries.   He didn't believe me.   I had to get out & let him see for himself that it was really me.    Fucker  Sonafabi  

Nikki, who's telling this story here?    All right.    No, the bottle stays with me.    I gotta write this crap down before I forget anymore.   My dear sweet baby cyborg brother insulted the family Glitterboy jumpsuit after he lurched out of his mech.     He claims to have been gone for what 10 years?    His calender & mine don't match.    I guess the cosmic circuit blow out caused time to get screwy as well as open a new dimension.    (takes another swig)


Anyhow, Garrett claimed Ironeyes trashed my Glitterboy up at Tolkeen.    (Empties bottles)  coff coff

Makes me wonder if this was the real Garrett or if he's from an alternate timeline.    I wonder if I'll ever know…


Anyhow, Garrett's head was stove in & had cyberwear sticking out of it.    Claimed a rune blade did the trick.     After an hour he returned to his current employers.    He said he'd falsify the records & Clear Skies won't have the Iron Skulled welcome wagon stomping down mainstreet.

I'll add more later when things fall into place better.    





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